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What is a wind mitigation inspection?

Wind Mitigation

In the State of Florida wind damage from hurricanes and other severe wind storms can cost insurance companies billions of dollars a year.  In order to reduce the cost to the insurance companies and ultimately the cost of the insurance premium to the homeowner, the state of Florida and Citizens Insurance Company  designed a program that can reduce the cost of their homeowners insurance if they can prove that there are certain items in place that are designed to "mitigate" the effects of wind damage to the home.

Some of the various items that are evaluated during a Wind Mitigation Inspection are:


        1) Which building code was in effect when your home was built

        2) Type of roof covering (shingles/tile etc.)

        3) How well the roof deck is attached to the truss's/rafters

        4) How well the roof is attached to the walls of the home

        5) What type/shape of roof is on the home

        6) If your roof blows off in a storm will you still be protected from rain damage?

        7) Will your windows and doors be protected from flying debris during a storm?

A Wind Mitigation Inspection Report will typically be required by your insurance company in order to evaluate your potential for discounts on your policy.   

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